St Mary's Church, Swerford

St Mary's Church dominates Church End, the name of one end of the village. 

The church was built around 1200, with the tower added a century later.  An additional aisle was added in the 1840's to cope with the  population growth. opposite the church is the Rectory, dating from the beginning of the 17th Century, and home to rectors of the parish until it was amalgamated with Hook Norton in 1964.

The church roof and steeple has required significant repair over the past 30 years, and now has a gleaming cockerill on top. 

The interior is simple.

There is more information about the church’s architecture 

and on its history over the years here:

For more pictures, click on this picture link, it will give you another interior. But you’ll find over 20 pictures of Swerford Church and Swerford here:

Miscellaneous information from research:

Disbursements for the restoration and enlargement of Swerford Church in 1846/7
(of interest as John Powell built Blue Row & lived next door)

May 29  1846          £50         to John Powell

June 19 1846          £50          to John Powell

Sept 28  1846          £50         to John Powell

Oct 29    1846          £50         to John Powell

Jan 25    1847          £30        to John Powell

                  Plus      £250 (mortgage)   

Total                       £480

Nov 15 1867             £45      Forster & Andrews Organ  

Subscriptions            in 1846/1850

Magdelen Cottage                         £100

Mortgage on Parish rate                £250

The Walley Estate                           £25

Samuel Davis                                  £32

From Parish Rate                            £50